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Writer's Block: Fight or flight

Have you ever struck someone in a fit of anger or self-defense? If so, did you live to regret it?

both.......i use to fight a lot whit boys when i was a littlel girl.. ^_^U
and i don't regret it.

Poems: mad is what i am

"my love for you is gone, and my eyes jet you have stolen, never to look at no one, so isn't fare to say it's gon..., yet you insisted you don't love be, but you kiss me tenderly and hug me so. If this is not love, the don't, in my haert my hurt but i know and i know it well, you do love me so. Then i insist, why wold you lisent to you're head, if its wrong and you know it. I most insist, sens i no longer know what eals can be don. i rader have you on my lips then say to me its is not, for i know you and you know it well, yet this don't mater to me if i can't use it on my faver. oh, my love how much like i foll i must sound, jet i don't mind as long as you are mine."


Break up.....

ok.....so yea,.....my bf broke up whit me, yet he seeds he feels something for me,...and i know it's true, and so i feel like not giveing up, but i get realy despered cus i realy do suck at realations ^_^U
and now i'm depres, happy, sad, exaided, hope full, tired, nidy, melancholic, etc.....
:'< it's hard to hold on if you have no suport,.....i do love him...


25 year old Gypsy Vale and 18-year-old Clive Webb are two goths living in Sandusky, Ohio. Gypsy's parents, Ray and Velvet, once were in a band together, and Gypsy now aspires to be a famous singer, like her idol, Stevie Nicks. She is hesitant, because of the disappearance of her mother, to leave her father alone in Sandusky to pursue her dreams

While checking updates on a Stevie Nicks fansite, Clive discovers the Night of a Thousand Stevies event in New York. After a long and heated discussion with Gypsy, she reveals that her mother didn't just disappear, or die: she left to follow her dream of becoming a famous singer. Despite this, Clive finally convinces Gypsy to go to New York.

Along the way, Gypsy and Clive meet a diverse host of characters and obstacles. They miss the auditions for the Night of a Thousand Stevies, and Gypsy learns that her mother committed suicide four years earlier. The sympathetic Mistress of Ceremonies (who was also her mother's best friend when she was in New York) allows Gypsy to perform a song she wrote for her mother at the end of the show.

In the end, Gypsy stays in New York to pursue her musical aspirations like her mother, and Clive returns to Sandusky to finish high school but plans to come back to New York after he graduates.

heres a link to the movie :L



people parts made out of bread O_OU

OMG! some were in asia, there's this dude that maques humanpart and heads and stuff mede out of bread :L

chek it out x3


>.< cavezas eshas de pan

 I just wanted to sed that i have a youtube channel, were i'm making my mangas in to videos. I was hopeing, if you people wold like to see them, then go to this link ;3  
and there you go~~~
i hope you like it and gibe it a try :


le music~ :3

Writer's Block: Menu fixe fix

If you could choose only two foods to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? How soon would you grow tired of them?

pizza and sushi
...well cus i like them :3
i probably get tired of them real fast.
I like new things :D

this year (late ^_^;)

I only ask for MORE LOLITA FRIENDS. I'm happy inof whit my life :3